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Our customers have this in common; a tangible need to help kids improve their oral health. StarSmilez empowers educators to lead and elevate health discussions with adorable plush designs. Through our StarSmilez Community, we offer free access to exclusive educational content and member profiles that feature their contributions to children’s health. Read more…
Health Professionals

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Building trust through education

Get a free directory listing and members only access to health content where other Community Members can give you kudos.  Search our directory to claim your Free practice listing and profile today.

Every practice team member can join for free and receive community member benefits including recognition of their contributions to children’s oral health.  Teaching kids is an ideal way to show them that your practice cares.

Public Health

Get the attention from parents and patients

Engaging and entertaining young audiences with you is our passion so we want to make it fun for you too.  Joining the Free StarSmilez Community gives you access to our newest content, special plush offers, and access to our reward system where you can give kudos to health professionals that help you care for kids.  Join free today.

Public Health
Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions

Our adorable plush designs help to entertain you, your students, and truly any audience while you deliver your health message with an authentic vibe.  Inside the StarSmilez Community you’ll find fresh material to keep your talks fresh, plus institutions are eligible discounts as well as support for qualified community outreach events and programs.  Join our Academic Discount Program today.  And don’t miss our popular anatomical study models.

Parents and Teachers

Since 1989 dentists have trusted StarSmilez to make their discussions memorable both chairside and in classrooms around the world.  Keeping your own message entertaining, helps your children develop healthy habits that last a lifetime too. 

The StarSmilez Community can help you find dental resources in your area from clinical treatment to health professionals ready to present to your classroom.  Plus you can and leave kudos for those that help meet your oral health needs. Search your area here.

Character specific oral education kits are available for free here.

Through the StarSmilez Community we can help you find a dentist or educator according to your needs.
Submit your specific request here, or use our search tool to find offices in your area.


You've got the smarts, We want to help

You’ve got the brains, we’ve got the plush and we want to be part of your health education initiative.  You can join our Academic Discount Program here or submit your community outreach event here.


Through our Academic Discount Program we offer discounts, health charity, and mission trip participation to students and teachers.

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