Who We Are

Our mission is to improve the lives of others as advocates for great oral health.

StarSmilez created the original plush dental health educators more than three decades ago to help health professionals get kid’s attention when sharing oral health and dental care advice.  At the time no one, could have appreciated just how broad an impact we would have over the next 30 years, helping to educate over 50 million children since we began.

We’ve been incredibly fortunate, entertaining young audiences in hundreds of countries worldwide with a long list of awesome people and organizations, reaching millions of children each year to improve their health, knowledge, and ultimately their lives.

Like all success stories, we didn’t do it alone as our enthusiastic customers have allowed us to continue to refine our products and better meet their needs. With their support our small, family owned brand continues to grow and serve both health professionals and parents all over the world. We’ve been a key part of educational initiatives and presentations led by companies and organizations including Colgate-Palmolive, Trident, Harvard University, UCLA, NYU, UNC Chapel Hill, The Special Olympics, The Rachel Ray Show, and Barney and Friends just to name a few.

Celebrities and thought leaders including US Surgeon General Antonia Novello, actor Colin Farrell, The Imperial Princess of Japan, actress Jennie Garth, and Joan Lunden have used and been featured with StarSmilez while communicating their oral health messages.

We are honored to be part of the work of our Giving Partners that serve disadvantaged populations all over the world, improving their overall health. You can check out some of their inspiring stories on our oral health blog.