StarSmilez Helps at the Texas Mission of Mercy Event

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Most people know the scarcity of dental resources in other countries, but many are shocked to know that the same dental diseases that run rampant abroad affect the majority of Americans as well. In fact, dental disease affects 95% of all American people.

Luckily, for Texans in Williamson County, the Texas Dental Association is coming to the rescue of those who would otherwise be unable to afford dental care. For two days in August, Texas Mission of Mercy volunteers provided dental care to economically disadvantaged residents.  Working long, hard hours, hundreds of dentists, hygienists, and volunteers treated a total of 860 patients, providing nearly $560,000 in dental services over the two-day event. That's 860 people who couldn't afford to have a painful cavity filled or a broken filling fixed.  860 people who likely had to miss school or work because they were in too much pain. 860 American people who couldn't afford dental care.

With such a great mission at hand, StarSmilez was delighted to accompany the TMOM dental professionals and volunteers at their recent event in Georgetown. Ollie Mutt had the chance to join the Cavity-Free Corral, helping to educate kids on proper dental care. 

Texas Mission of Mercy

No-Cavity Corral

Since their first mission in November of 2001, the Texas Dental Association has held more than 50 TMOM events, delivering more than $15 million of care to over 29,000 patients across Texas.

Before the day of the event, the TMOM community fundraising team reaches out to all area service clubs, nonprofits, schools, churches, businesses, and key community leaders to raise the funds necessary to hold the event. A pre-screening event is held to help patients start an early registration and triage for necessary treatment. Then, during the TMOM event, up to 900 dental professionals and community volunteers travel to the event to help those in need.  Many of the patients are so thankful for the treatment they received that they'll return the next day to help volunteer.

To learn more about the TMOM event in Georgetown, check out the KVUE news clip HERE.

Ollie at the TMOM event

TMOM clinic

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