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Giving to build better lives with StarSmilez

Our smiles are fundamental to our personalities, making a real impact on our self-confidence, relationships, and general success in life. 

We support health charities that share our mission to improve children’s oral health and while taking some roads less traveled, we have quite a bit of fun doing it!  StarSmilez helps to educate millions of children each year in more than 120 countries and it’s truly rewarding to know we are part of reaching so many.

Through your purchases, StarSmilez helps children in need by providing products and services so they can lead healthier lives. 

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Our Giving Partners

We partner with charities, educators, and clinicians that work to create sustainable health improvements for families in need. Our Giving Partners function as community and content experts, serving not only the community members, but training local teachers so their messages remain long after they’ve gone home.

Our partners share the vision of building oral health initiatives that help make communities stronger and healthier by gaining knowledge that will benefit them for decades to come. By working closely with local leaders and educators, our partners are able to produce lasting change.

We look for partners that deeply understand the communities they serve and have a burning desire to make a lasting impression for children and families alike. Our Giving Partners make it possible for us to make a difference for families around the world as they give their time and energy to help others.

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How We Give


With every Starsmilez purchase you make, we give to help children in need. By assisting our giving partners in providing educational services, your purchase helps reach hundreds and in some cases thousands of young lives, so together we are impacting an entire community’s access to health education and services.


Our giving partners use our gift to help children achieve better oral health and as a result better overall health. Depending on the circumstance, partners often gift Starsmilez products to health leaders and schools in these communities so the discussion can continue throughout the year, serving as a constant reminder of the knowledge that has been shared and healthy habits are reinforced.


We tally the number of Starsmilez sold each quarter and make donations to our giving partners so they can reach more underprivileged children and families with desperately needed services.  Over 10 percent of our net revenue is invested to treat and educate these young audiences in need.


We share our Giving Partner’s stories, showing the world what joy and excitement emanates from the bright faces of the children, patients, and clinicians alike.

Where We Go

The support provided to children with your support is unequivocally our very best work.

Many of our relationships with Giving Partners span more than a decade and none of this would be possible without their commitment and effort. The humanitarian efforts where we participate originate from health charities and mission trips, to college programs and corporate initiatives. The defining characteristic of our partners is they all put boots on the ground, eye to eye with the audiences they serve and deliver their personal message on location from city centers to deep in the most remote outpost you could imagine.

StarSmilez have been featured on the fuselage of humanitarian helicopters in the Australian Outback and taken the stage with Hollywood stars like Jennie Garth and Colin Farrell as well as assisted US Surgeon Generals in their educational discussions on the topic of oral health.

We bring you their stories and maybe we can tell one of yours someday. If you are a not-for-profit organization or charity that is focused on children’s oral health, click here to tell us about your organization  your organization.  And since children’s health is important to you, we hope you will  Join the StarSmilez Community to get even more from StarSmilez and community members just like you.

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