Ollie Mutt



Ollie Mutt dental puppet is perfect for presentations, classroom events, community outreach, and dental offices, and detailed discussions. Big and bold to get their attention. Known as man’s best friend, Ollie Mutt dental office toy, dusts up an incredible body of knowledge with oral health discussions that are sure to engage children
Learn about oral health with Ollie Mutt! Great for large groups and events, this dental teaching aid helps teach kids about oral health in a fun, interactive way.   Product Details
  • Increases children's quality of life and life expectancy by teaching proper oral health habits
  • Educates millions of children each year in dental offices and households around the world.
  • Teaches brushing and flossing techniques to toddlers and teenagers alike
  • Includes access to personality themed games, brushing charts, health activities, and how-to's
  • Sits 18" tall and includes a fully flossible 2x life-size dental model, oversized demonstration toothbrush, water-squirting mechanism, and puppet capabilities
  • Product Dimensions:13" x 10" x 18"

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