More than 500 patients treated in Ecuador

We love stories from customers and partners that are giving their time and expertise to improve other people’s lives.  We recently were able to participate in Dr. Christopher Nuttall’s mission trip to Ecuador. His letter is below along with a few photos.  Props to the Nuttall Family and all that participated in providing services to these children in Ecuador.


Thank you so much for your generous donation and tremendous help in getting us all the supplies we needed!

Our humanitarian trip to Ecuador was such a success! We visited 5 locations in the jungle villages of the Napo Province in Ecuador. Our group of 4-6 volunteer dentists and a few other staff members were able to treat 577 patients in 9 working days. We performed over 840 operative procedures, 9 extractions, 2 lingual frenectomy procedures, 146 prophys, 623 fluoride treatments and gave away about 400 toothbrushes and 500 toothbrush/toothpaste/floss kits.

Charity Anywhere Foundation is the only humanitarian organization allowed by the government to work in Ecuador. We are grateful for the opportunity we had to work alongside Doctor Zambrano (the local volunteer dentist), and a few others who volunteer their time on a regular basis to treat the rural underserved people. You greatly helped in making this humanitarian trip so successful!

My wife and daughter loved using Starsmilez to teach oral hygiene!  Each day we would set up at a school.  Over 90% of the patients seen were children.  They loved practicing their techniques on the animals.  Keilani, my 9 year old daughter also found she loved teaching them.  Although she couldn't speak Spanish, with the help of the animals she was able to overcome the language barrier through demonstration.  They were a wonderful and useful tool.  They sure made all the children smile!  We posted a video specifically for you on the website below.  It's of our daughter using the monkey to teach flossing to the kids.  Most of the kids (and adults) didn't even know what floss was and had never seen it before!

Thank you, again, for your invaluable support.


Dr. Christopher Nuttall, DDS