Exploring the Outback with the Kimberley Dental Team

Who knew that a choir trip could turn into a lifelong mission to provide dental care to the underserved?  But that's exactly what happened for John and Jan Owen.

John and Jan Owen

John accompanied his wife and her choir, Madjitil Moorna: Singers of Aboriginal songs, when they visited Halls Creek District High School for a concert.  And then fate stepped in.

After learning about their background in the dental industry (he is an orthodontist and she is a dental nurse), they were informed of the scant dental services offered in the town. Naturally, they decided to have a look and check out some of the students, but they never predicted what they would find.

Many of the kids were suffering from severe abcesses and almost all of them needed a trip to the dentist.

Being the people they are, the Owens couldn't just walk away. And the Kimberley Dental Team was born.

Kimberley Dental Team

Since 2009, the Kimberley Dental Team has grown into a full-service mobile dental facility providing care to the Kimberley region of Western Australia thanks to the help of over 50 volunteer dental and allied health professionals.

Early on, they adopted two of our StarSmilez personalities to join their team. We're beyond proud (and very jealous!) that Craig & Kev, two best buddies braving the Australian Outback together, have accompanied the Kimberley Dental Team all over the country providing dental care to kids.

Craig & Kev

Craig the Croc is great at updating his Facebook page with all of his adventures, from flying a helicopter, fishing, BBQing, and of course – helping kids.

Flying over Broome

[caption id="attachment_2897" align="aligncenter" width="533"]Fishing Relaxing and hoping to meet up with some of my water friends!

Craig Wearing Glasses

[caption id="attachment_2900" align="aligncenter" width="398"]Star Gazing Watching the meteor shower south of Kumarina.

We love checking out Craig's Facebook page to see where these two are off to next. Don't miss a single one of their adventures — follow their Facebook page now!