Children’s Dental Health Month – How To

  Make your class presentations memorable during National Children's Dental Health Month and your educational efforts will pay dividends for your practice all year long. From our broad interactions with offices who speak to classrooms across the country each year we have distilled common elements widley observed in successful CDHM dental office strategies.  The goal of […]

Children's Dental Health Month

Pilgrims, Indians, and the First Teeth to Eat a Thanksgiving Feast

  Pilgrims and Indians — both sat down to an enormous Thanksgiving feast — but who enjoyed it most?  Thanks to their healthy diets and, in turn, healthy teeth, it was the Indians who got to dive in and savor every bite.  Neither the Pilgrims nor the Native Americans had access to the modern day luxury of […]

TIMELINE: Keeping Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

Baby teeth DO matter!  Unfortunately, many parents assume since baby teeth will eventually fall out anyway, it's not essential to care for them.  But that's not true.  Dental decay in baby teeth can negatively impact permanent teeth and lead to lifelong dental problems. A positive dental hygiene routine is essential to having a happy healthy […]

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Evolution of the Toothbrush

Simple Sticks All the way back to around 3500 BC, Egyptians and Babylonians chewed on sticks.  What else did they have to do all day, back before the Internet?  But it turns out that these sticks actually served a purpose.  By chewing on one end until the fibers formed a small make-shift brush, people could […]

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Let Them Play! The Power of Play on Learning

"If they can't learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn." — O. Ivar Lovaas Have you ever tried to teach a child to ride a bike using a series of computer-generated charts and diagrams?  I didn't think so.  But why?  Because you understand the importance of using age-appropriate teaching tools.  The […]

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It’s National Children’s Dental Health Month: What Have You Done?

With National Children’s Dental Health Month underway, what steps have you taken to inform and engage your patients and community about the importance of good oral health? Here are some tips on what you can do to get the word – and your name – out to patients, prospective patients and the community: Volunteer to […]

National Children’s Dental Health

Toothbrush Painting: Dental Activity for Kids

It seems like a simple task — teaching kids to brush their teeth for 2 minutes twice a day. But when you break it down, it's really a lot more than that. Sure, standing in front of the sink with a toothbrush and toothpaste in their mouth is great, but are kids really brushing correctly? […]

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Smile Sponging: Dental Activity for Kids

Try our smile sponging dental activity for kids! Teach children all about their smile while working on their counting skills.   MATERIALS: Red or Pink Construction Paper, Printer, Sponges, Scissors & White Paint.   DIRECTIONS:   1. Print the large image of our smiling mouth on a red or pink piece of construction paper. (Click here for […]

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And The Winner Is…

Thank you to everyone who voted for their favorite StarSmilez® Character Name! The votes have been counted and the results are in! The Official Small Tiger Character name is: LIL TANGO TIGER!!! The Official Small Bear Character name is: LIL CUBBY BEAR!!! Have StarSmilez® let you know when Lil Tango Tiger and Lil Cubby Bear […]

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How To Brush Your Child’s Teeth Video

Here is a great video by Dr. Janna Civils that will help explain how to brush your child's teeth. You can find this video and many more on the StarSmilez YouTube channel.

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