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Memorable educational discussions mean patients will remember you when they are thinking about their dental care. Whether chair-side, or out in your community, StarSmilez help you attract more patients and focus more attention on your message. We help thousands of dental offices differentiate themselves each and every day.

Personalized StarSmilez products help them remember you long after your presentation is done and our Educational Kits can be used as handouts that are easily branded for your practice.

Be sure to join our ShareSmilez program where parents and teachers in your area can find you when they are looking for answers or oral health resources. Joining is free.

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Dental Education Institutions

StarSmilez helps you deliver your health message with gusto while fostering a relaxed environment for your patients. Serving as engaging and authentic ambassadors for children's oral health is what we do best. Institutions enjoy professional courtesy rates on StarSmilez products and services as well as support for qualified community outreach events and programs.

Contact us to participate in our Institutional program and click here to learn more about custom study models that include your program name and logo.

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Physicians and Healthcare Practices

We help educate millions of children each year about the importance of oral health. As the growing body of knowledge continues to enlighten our view of oral health as a critical component of overall health, we are seeing new opportunities to reach more children in need. Whether you simply need a StarSmilez Personality for your next oral health discussion or are looking for health education materials we can help. Tell us your story, and let us know how we can better serve you and your patients.

Healthcare Companies

StarSmilez are faithful messengers, telling everyone about your commitment to children’s health and making your next educational initiative a smashing success. From a simple presentation to a deep marketing campaign we can help you and your message standout and be remembered. Contact us to learn more about our corporate customization program and tell us how we can help.