Fun Ways to Recycle Your Toothbrush

We are supposed to replace our toothbrushes every 3 months, when there is noticeable wear, or when we have an illness. So on average, a person will go through around 5 or more toothbrushes a year. It has been reported the amount of toothbrushes that end up in landfills every year equals 25,000 tons. Below […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Tooth Enamel

What is tooth enamel? Look in the mirror. The part of your teeth that you can see? That’s the enamel. Tooth enamel is found in the shell of each of your teeth and protects them from damage.  Considered the hardest substance in the human body, it’s easily dissolved by exposure to acid or bacteria. What […]

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5 Steps to Early Oral Health Care

Did you know that by the time children start school, more than 40% have tooth decay? Oftentimes in these cases, parents neglect their child's oral healthcare because of their belief that baby teeth are temporary and, therefore, not important. Here are 5 steps to start your child's oral healthcare off right: 1. Start Early According […]

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The Importance of Baby Teeth

Why are baby teeth important? Your child needs their baby teeth to be healthy to chew their food, speak, and keep the space needed for their adult teeth to grow in properly.  Sometimes when a baby tooth is lost, the teeth next to it can move into the empty space. When the adult teeth try to […]

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Oh No! My Child Has A Cavity

So you're at the dentist with your child for their regular check up and oh no, your child has a cavity!  A cavity is when the tooth breaks down or decays. It starts as a hole that, if not treated, will grow bigger over time. That is why it is important to get the cavity […]

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Brace Yourself! Does My Child Need Braces?

For some children, getting braces is something they actually look forward to. For other children, there is a lot of fear and concern. Making the decision to get braces for your child can be especially difficult.  You may be concerned about whether your child really needs them, if they are ready for braces, and how to […]


Top 10 Questions Parents Should Ask Their Child’s Pediatric Dentist

1.       How do I clean my baby’s teeth? Oral care begins before your baby has teeth.  Wipe their gums with a piece of moist gauze.  As soon as a tooth pushes its way through, start brushing with a soft-bristled brush and water. Once your child learns how to spit, you can graduate them to a […]

What to Expect When a Tooth Extraction is Performed on Your Child

So the dentist says the tooth has gotta go. Why does it seem like you’re more nervous for your child’s tooth extraction than you would be for yours?  Not to worry.  It’s actually much easier – and less painful – for a child than for an adult. BEFORE THE TOOTH IS PULLED Surprisingly, preventing pain takes […]

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How to Brush Your Babies’ Teeth

Welcome to parenthood!  As if you weren’t tired enough, now you have a whole new slew of responsibilities – changing diapers, preparing bottles, and even cleaning their mouths. Before a child cuts teeth, you should be wiping their gums and tongue with a piece of clean, wet gauze or a finger brush at least twice […]

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Learning to Brush with StarSmilez

One of the best things you can do for your child is to give them a healthy smile.  (Ignore all of the tears for the first few years. They’ll thank you later.)  Teach your child how to brush and floss thoroughly, and they’ll benefit from these skills throughout their entire life.   At StarSmilez, we […]

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