6 Ways to Get Your Child to Brush Their Teeth

It doesn't seem like much, does it? Just two minutes. Two tiny minutes to stand there and let you brush their teeth. But, alas, the brushing routine rarely goes off without a hitch. Don't get discouraged. You should be proud of yourself as a parent. And one day, your kids will (hopefully) thank you. In […]

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4 Reasons You SHOULDN’T Give In to a Child Who Refuses to Brush their Teeth

It's just another normal morning routine — getting the kids out of bed on time, making breakfast, getting everyone dressed, and – of course – the screaming, kicking, and crying that comes with brushing your kid's teeth. You're just not in the mood to pick that battle today and, really, what's the harm? Think again. […]

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The 5 Subconscious Habits You’re Doing that Damage Your Teeth

We all have times when we're running on autopilot, and we're pulled in a million different directions. At these times, you might not even realize that you are doing damage to your teeth. Beware of these 5 habits you probably do subconsciously that could wind you up at the dentist's office. 1. Crunching on ice This one […]

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The 5 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Child’s Teeth

When you bcome a parent there is an unsaid job you take and that is protecting your childs teeth. Below are 5 mistakes new parents may make.    1. Snacking too often When your child eats sugary or starchy foods, their teeth are under attack for up to an hour.  Saliva can take up to […]

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6 Long Term Health Effects of Poor Oral Hygiene

People generally agree that good oral hygiene is essential to overall good health.  But do you know why? Unfortunately, many of us don't.  We know there is a connection; we're just not exactly sure how deep that connection is. This lack of knowledge has undoubtedly led to the childhood dental disease epidemic that is currently […]

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What To Expect at Your Child’s First Dentist Appointment

So your child just turned 1, and you're scheduling your child's first dentist appointment. Doesn't it seem like the anticipation of this appointment is worse than when you're going for yourself? No need to chew those nails to the quick just yet. This dentist appointment shouldn't be very nerve-wracking at all. (And you want to do […]

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17 Popular Sugar-Packed Kids’ Foods

Twenty-one expert advisors in the UK have started a war. The enemy? Sugar. The crime? Direct links to a slew of health problems – obesity, cancer, type II diabetes, heart disease & tooth decay. Action on Sugar is working with the government and the food industry to regulate the amount of added — and completely […]

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To Pull or Not to Pull? Child’s Loose Tooth

  The simple answer? No. To be on the safe side, you should encourage your child to pull the loose tooth out himself instead.  Only your child can really know how loose the tooth is and how much discomfort they can stand before it falls out. Tell your child to wiggle the loose tooth with their tongue as […]

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TIMELINE: Keeping Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

Baby teeth DO matter!  Unfortunately, many parents assume since baby teeth will eventually fall out anyway, it's not essential to care for them.  But that's not true.  Dental decay in baby teeth can negatively impact permanent teeth and lead to lifelong dental problems. A positive dental hygiene routine is essential to having a happy healthy […]

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5 Tips for Making the Dentist Less Scary

Are you gearing up for a visit to the dentist and have a less-than-eager child on your hands?  Looks like your child is joining the 75% of Americans losing sleep over tomorrow's scary dentist visit. Remember: kids aren't born with a natural fear of the dentist, so if at all possible, don't put any of […]

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