We've helped educate more than

50 million children since we began

Through your purchases, Share-A-Smile helps educate and treat children in need so they can lead healthier lives.

Haiti Share a smile

Smiles are fundamental to our personalities, and make a significant impact on self-confidence, relationships, and general success in life. It is not possible to be healthy without oral health.

How it Happens: 

1.  A purchase: With every Starsmilez you buy, we give to help a child in need. By assisting our giving partners in providing educational services, your purchase will help to reach hundreds and maybe even thousands of young lives, so together we are impacting an entire community’s access to health education and services.

2.  Giving: We tally the number of Starsmilez sold each month and make donations to our giving partners so they can reach more underprivileged children and families with desperately needed services.

3.  Education; Our giving partners use our gift to help children achieve better oral health and as a result better overall health. Depending on the circumstance, partners may give Starsmilez to health leaders and schools in these communities so the discussion can continue throughout the year. StarSmilez then serve as a constant reminder of the knowledge that has been shared so that healthy habits are more easily formed.

4.  Sharing: We share our giving partner’s stories so that everyone can see the joy and excitement that emanates from the bright faces of the children, patients, and clinicians alike.

Our Impact Together

Our giving with you helps StarSmilez educate millions children each year and the kids that you help us support are our very best work.

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