Our mission is to improve the lives of others as advocates for great oral health. StarSmilez serves health professionals and families, creating and distributing high quality oral health products and services. With customers in more than 100 countries worldwide, we are proud to be part of the education of millions of children each year.

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StarSmilez was founded with a simple objective, help health professionals deliver their oral health messages more effectively.  What wasn’t fully anticipated at the time was just how massive the need was in much of the world to improve children’s oral health.  

It is a well known fact that tooth decay is largely preventable, so logic said this was a place we could make a substantial impact.  Turns out, it’s not so simple, due to inadequate education and lack of the motivation to follow some basic guidelines.  Further complicating matters is the fact that hardly no one recalls oral health education and exciting time.  We’ve been able to change some of that.

Through the support of our customers and Giving Partners, StarSmilez helps educate millions of children each year and we’ve reached more than 50 million children worldwide since we began.  Like all success stories, we didn’t do it alone and from the beginning we attracted attention from people working to enhance their appeal to children both in their workplace and in  their communities.  We are honored to have so many inspiring partners and customers.  There is no doubt that the world is a better place because of their dedication and it is our privilege to be part of their initiatives.

An enormous need remains for oral health treatment and education, even as StarSmilez has helped educate more children than we ever thought possible.

We believe that everyone should have the benefit of understanding the importance of caring of their smile.  When the long term benefits and drawbacks are truly understood, people make changes for the better.  It has never been harder to hold an audience’s attention and even harder to be memorable enough to help them form healthier habits.  We can help.

A shortage of dentists, even in the US, means many children don’t have access to care so prevention is our best approach, and that’s more true for disadvantaged populations.  Fortunately it isn’t complicated or expensive to care for your smile, but without the knowledge of why and how many will suffer needlessly.   

Consider the fact that almost 50% of children 5 – 9 in the US have at least one cavity or filling, yet tooth decay is preventable and prevention is relatively inexpensive.  The most common chronic disease for children in the US is responsible for 51 million school hours lost each year to dental-related illness. The children from lower income families suffer disproportionately, losing 12 times more days than children from wealthier families.  The pain and suffering can lead to problems speaking, eating, and even impact  their ability to focus in school.  

We could go on with the surprising statistics, but more to the point, the opportunity to change young lives by continuing to education millions more each year and you can be part of that effort. 

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